DUI Charges – Things you Need to Know

Driving while intoxicated charges not only carry some risk of jail time – they can have widespread impact on your whole life.

For instance, did you know that the MVA can restrict or revoke your license for a period of time? You can be forced to use a breathalyzer in your car in order to be able to drive . Or the MVA may prohibit you from driving anyplace other than work, school, or treatment?

Having a lawyer is very important. First you need a lawyer to make sure:

  1. The cop had probable cause to stop you;
  2. The field sobriety test was done properly;
  3. The breathalyzer was administered according to the law;
  4. The state can prove their case in court

There is a lot you can do before court to help you get the best outcome. A lawyer can connect you with services that are respected by the court. A lawyer can negotiate reasonable limits on your freedom, ask for certain fees to be waived, or for points to not be put on your record. Finally, a lawyer can help preserve your ability to drive.

Make sure you get an attorney with a great deal of experience not only with the law, but also with the location of your charge. Judges respect lawyers they know come prepared.

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