Domestic Violence Charges: She’s Not Coming to Court. Do I Need a Lawyer?

A common question I get: “If she’s not coming to court for the assault charge, do I need a lawyer?”

The answer to that question is YES!

Here are a couple of scenarios that can be the danger of trying to go it alone.

You show up for court and the State or judge ask you where your girlfriend is. You answer “she said she’s not coming.” At this point, the bailiff is behind you slipping on the cuffs. Why? You unknowingly violated the Stay Away Order that was issued by the judge when you were recogged.


The judge asks you where your girlfriend is. You say “I don’t know,” and the judge issues a Show Cause Order for her to be cuffed and brought to court.

Assault charges can be taken out without any investigation and we all know that sometimes an argument is solved by someone going down to the Commissioner and taking out revenge charges.

What you don’t know is that without a lawyer you can make your case worse. You need an experienced lawyer who can navigate the system and find the best way to get out from under that charge.

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